We’re a leading team of translators, proofreaders and language consultants based in the very heart of London, amid the many creative agencies that thrive there. We’ve got more than a decade’s worth of experience helping international clients.

Put simply: whatever you need translating, send it to us. We’ll make it sing.

But there’s more.

As well as being native-language professionals, with all the industry-defining qualifications you’d expect, our translators share another vital quality: a restless interest in the world around them. Each has a deep affinity with brands, a sensitivity to the demands of any given medium, plus a knack of understanding what makes an audience tick.

In addition to mastery of a specific language and culture, each translator has their own specialist areas of expertise, from youth culture to consumer trends to classical music. This informs our work and enriches our creativity no matter what we’re translating for you.

We also have strong links to the worlds of brand marketing and creative communications, and many of our project managers hail from that background. The bigger a brand is, the harder it needs to work in order to retain its agility, to maximise the true potential of its connection to consumers, and that’s where our approach comes into its own.

It’s this richness of thought, outlook and specialism that allows us to assemble the perfect translation team for your particular project.

It allows us to ask the right questions, to understand the wider business context.

It equips us to challenge the accepted way of doing things.

It means we learn and grow with each new project, and love what we do.

It’s what makes Verboo… Verboo.

Who We Are
Client Testimonials

As DVD Product Manager at Decca Music Group and, more recently, as Executive Producer at Opus Arte, I have worked with Verboo since its inception. The translations they have supplied for physical product, for DVD subtitles, and for marketing purposes, have always been of an extremely high standard, sourced from experienced and competent professionals.

Whilst I am not myself a linguist, I work in an industry where local sales forces, consumers and the specialist press are always quick to comment on any inaccuracies, mistranslations or linguistic infelicities they may encounter in our product, Verboo’s commitment to quality is therefore vital to the reputation of the company for which I work. I hold the professionalism and competence of the company’s staff in high regard.

Ben Pateman, Executive Producer – Opus Arte

Verboo are an absolute pleasure to work with and their transcreation offering guarantees not only superb translation, but copy that’s written specifically with the target market in mind.

Thanks guys!

Robin Sherwood, Editorial Director – iProspect

I have been working with Verboo for 12 years now and in my capacity as Director, Creative & Production I have been happy to entrust the overwhelming majority of Decca International’s translated content to the company, secure in the knowledge that they will deliver a quality translation, appropriate in style and register to the medium for which it is required.

Over the years, the company has delivered a huge volume of material in the core western European languages. It has also helped us with translations into English from other languages as diverse as Russian and Xhosa.

Verboo’s exceptional work ensures the Decca Classics reputation for quality continues to be upheld.

Niall O’Rourke, Director, Creative & Production – Decca

In 2015, we expanded our content marketing offerings to clients in Europe, Asia and throughout the Americas. Making sure Skyword's publishing platform was accurately translated into the 14 languages of our markets would not have been possible without the amazing team we work with at Verboo. Because Skyword is an agile SaaS company, our platform is updated at least monthly, and Verboo's professional staff smoothly handles the updates to all languages. Beyond choosing the best translations, they ensure the page layouts are maintained in all languages. They've helped us expand globally by ensuring our platform is understood by our clients, contributors and editors in their local language.

MaryAnne Flynn, Vice President of Global Operations - Skyword