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Living language

September 13, 2016

A healthy language – like a healthy individual – is continually evolving. And in the digital age, this process is vastly accelerated.

Neologisms and verbal hybrids which, in the past, may have taken years to enter accepted speech now have the ability to enter our lives 24/7 through the endless deluge of digital dialogue & content made possible by smartphones, social media and instant mobile messaging.

Even so, it’s easy for a native speaker who’s lived outside his or her home country for a number of years to lose touch with the latest linguistic trends in their home country. Technology, especially when employed by global commerce and the young, simply acts as a catalyst for the ever-evolving global languagescape, so that now the same thing happens über-fast.

Examples of words and acronyms that just a few years ago barely existed include vlogging, vaping, binge-watching, YOLO, KMT (kissing my teeth), SMH (shaking my head), TB (throwback), ILYSM (I love you so much), UOENO (you don’t even know [how good something is]) and IDEK (I don’t even know).

The rate of loan-word adoption in languages other than English has also been given a massive boost in the digital age. Germans and Italians have long been notable linguistic Anglophiles, but the process is now vastly accelerated.

The speed of adoption of new terms and words presents a unique challenge for brands, who need to break through the noise and communicate with customers in an authentic, familiar way, also reflecting & demonstrating sensitivity to the linguistic quirks and trends of the moment. All the while without trying too hard and missing the mark.

If global messaging is to sound authentic, it needs to stay current. And the only way to ensure this is to have centralised content localised by native speakers in each territory. Talent that lives in that market, breathing and imbibing the local culture on a daily basis as a matter of course.

Only a native has the skill necessary to communicate in a compelling way to other native speakers. And because language is continually evolving in response to the evolving culture, native talent must have their ears to the cultural ground.

The good news is that the same technology that acts as a catalyst for linguistic evolution also forms part of the solution. So that follow-the-sun monitoring of your multilingual social channels by native talent around the globe should now be a breeze.

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